Day Four at Katha Utsav!

A wonderful culmination of the Katha Utsav!

I had a wonderful time at these 3 days at Sanskriti, where i got to meet some of the most wonderful authors, illustrators, designers and innovators. Today, this extravaganza of creativity culminated as we displayed our little creations for the ‘world’ to see!

I felt WONDERFUL when the founder of Katha, Ms Geetha Dharamrajan, the world’s most enthusiastic and inspiring lady herself came and appreciated my work along with Dr Sadhana Parashar, Academic Director of CBSE.

I got to meet Indu, Samhita, Abeer and other wonderful people at Katha.

P.S. I got awarded with the “GRAND PRIZE IN CREATIVE WRITING AS WELL 😀 😀 :D”

It was a wonderful learning experience as I got to interact with so many wonderful people in such a short span of 3 days!

Geetha Ji was perhaps the most inspiring personality I have ever met…. She was by all means, a wonderful epitome of motivation! She, though elderly in appearance, was so full of enthusiasm and excitement for developing a love for literature in little students, that she was overflowing with cheerfullness and spreading the same across the venue.

Indu showed us her sketchbook in which she had doodled, embroidered and patch-worked to create stories from A to Z.

This utsav, I also bought two lovely books, one by Indu (which she signed as well :D) and another by noted Irani Shayar, Rumi!

Palanquin Bearers, and What shape is an elephant?


i guess this entry is too peppered with the word WONDERFUL for i feel so excited upon completing ‘This journey to the starting point’…


Stay reading,



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