At the other side of the moonlight…..

Chandani ki dooji oor…

Say Chandini Chowk and say food. You’d then say “Paranthe waali galli” as well. This time, we went a different way with our fanciful fancies of Amritsari Naans and Kulchaas in the winding lanes of Dilli-6!

Chandni Chowk is definitely famous for it’s Ghee Simmered Paranthas, which are literally fried in clarified butter. This time, we turned over a new leaf to discover an already famous place. Kake di Hatti (Which happens to mean ‘Uncle’s House’) was an age old shop which was located in an ancient looking building in the narrow winding lanes of Chandni Chowk. 
And this ‘new leaf’ was Naan. Amritsari Naan. Unlike the usual naans we get at most restaurants, those baked balls of flour smeared with a little butter, these Amritsari Naans soft and fluffy concoctions, stuffed with potatoes and cottage cheese. Options at the eatery included stuffings of cheeze, mushrooms and other a-la-carte stuff.  
Kake Di Hatti
At Kake di Hatti, we had Paneer Naan, Aloo Naan and Lachha Parantha. The lachha parantha was an awesome delicacy sprinkled with mint leaves, and girdled to the perfectly crisp texture.
The side dishes are equally gorgeous, with the Shaahi Paneer and Daal Makhani being the top notch delicacies.
The cottage cheese used here is delightfully fresh and creamy.
The paranthas and naans are MASSIVE!
Yes, they ARE massive and one of them is more than enough to feed two.
The rates are superbly economical and the place is so much ALIVE! The seating is perfectly chic, though not luxurious, yet simply sufficient!
If you are looking for something scrumptous and have a lot of space in your tummy, this IS the place where you get authentic Panjabi fare in Old Delhi.
Kake di Hatti,  Galli Batshahan, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-6
xx Amogh!

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